I had become quite sensitive to many foods, so avoided many fresh fruits and vegetables. I also avoided cats and dogs due to possible respiratory issues (although they had diminished with homeopathic help). It’s delightful being able to eat just about anything I want and not react adversely in any way. I’ve been exposed to and petted dogs and had NO reaction which is phenomenal and hasn’t happened for nearly 40 years. Overall I feel good, have energy throughout the day, and am doing well.

Paulette July 18, 2016

Wendy Brom

My 10 year old son, Luke, had no energy, wasn’t able to focus in school, and overall felt depressed. He also had a lot of muscle aches and pains. Now Luke is an energetic 10 year old boy (enough to drive his older brother crazy). He has much more joy, is able to focus in school, and has less aches and pains. Thank you, Dr. Jay, for giving me my son back !!

Wendy Brom July 25, 2016

Josh Kruger

I suffered from psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, fatigue, adrenal fatigue, 50+ allergies, and more.  While we ate better than the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), I nonetheless did not eat as healthy as I could have.  I was on a path of disability and heart disease and that motivated me to seek help. Beginning with a detox/cleansing diet we immediately cut my positive allergens total in half. Then Dr. Wilson treated each allergy and I cleared those. The changes in diet plus the allergy treatments led to a near elimination of the arthritis and a dramatic reduction in psoriasis, and an increased feeling of energy and wellness. Josh Kruger

Josh Kruger July 25, 2016


Before starting care with Dr. Wilson I was absolutely miserable. I was 38 years old and suffered from achy, sore joints. My hips, shoulders and knees were so bad it was painful to go up and down stairs and, with each step, you could hear my knees grinding and crunching. I also dealt with lower back pain and abnormally heavy periods that lasted months at a time. I had an elevated white blood count and elevated CRP levels as well. The Mayo Clinic did extensive testing that did not reveal any concrete answers and I was simply told that I have fibromyalgia. The only guidance and “treatment’ provided by Mayo was to avoid stress and look into whether or not I was ok with the side effects of the leading prescription drugs used to treat fibromyalgia. I was not ok with the side effects and did not pursue a prescription. After finding Dr. Wilson and learning that what I was dealing with was likely related to allergies, I started allergy treatments with Dr. Wilson and began to feel better almost immediately. The inflammation in my body went down, my elevated white blood count and CRP levels returned to normal, the aches and pains are a thing of the past and I’ve lost over 30 pounds! I can now run, play and ride bikes again with my six year old. I am forever grateful for the care I received from Dr. Wilson and have, and will continue to not hesitate , to recommend him to everyone I encounter! T.H.

T.H. July 25, 2016

T.H. – Mother of A.

My five year old daughter suffered from stomach aches for over 6 months that were so painful and disruptive, they caused her to be sent home from school almost every day. She had a lot of stomach bloating and discomfort that was sometimes accompanied by a fever and headache. The only remedy for her pain was to sleep for hours at a time. She had also lost weight and had fallen off her growth curve. As this was, obviously, not normal, we had her into the pediatrician multiple times. During those visits she had her blood tested several times, which revealed she consistently had elevated inflammation markers. This caused her pediatrician to refer us to multiple pediatric GI specialists as they suspected some type of inflammatory bowel disease. However, several tests and thousands of dollars later, no diagnosis was confirmed and we were provided a frustrating “treatment” plan that consisted of trying different drugs on her to see if they’d help. Not being thrilled with exposing our daughter to random, somewhat harsh, medications, we searched for a different option and found Dr. Wilson. He was optimistic our daughter's issues were related to allergies and since starting allergy treatments with him, we are happy to share, she is back to normal kid behavior! She is not on any of the medications the GI specialists recommended and she is doing much better. She has GAINED weight and is back to growing in height too. We are absolutely thrilled with her progress and are forever grateful for the care she has received from Dr. Wilson. T.H. - Mother of A

T.H. - Mother of A July 25, 2016

NB – Minneapolis

I had chronic fall allergies, weeks every fall with itchy, runny eyes, itchy throat, and sneezing. After treatment with Dr. Wilson my allergies have not returned for two fall seasons in a row.

NB - Minneapolis September 12, 2016

Barbara Schmidt

Twelve years ago after I was exposed to a strong chemical cleaner, I was left with a bad cough, coughing fits 4-5 times per hour—meaning about 60 coughing fits per day. After working with Dr. Wilson I cough maybe 5 times per day at most and we’re working to eliminate those.

Barbara Schmidt September 12, 2016

AH for son C

Before Dr. Wilson’s allergy treatments my son’s asthma was very uncontrollable. After Dr. Wilson’s allergy treatments he has better control and less asthma exacerbations.

AH for son C September 12, 2016

Timm & Julie Young

Our son, Jett, was inattentive and disruptive, angry at times, very bipolar in emotions. He was diagnosed with a high level of ADHD and autism disorder. Midway through his Allergy Elimination Program we have noticed significant changes in his attention. He seems to be much sweeter with Mom and Dad. Since being treated for his allergies by Dr. Wilson not only has there been significant improvement but his previous diagnosis of ADHD/autism has been dismissed.

Timm & Julie Young September 12, 2016

KN – New Brighton

“I suffered with seasonal allergies; certain foods were difficult to digest (especially dairy products); and raw apples caused a pain in my esophagus that was so intense I had it stretched two times. After treatment with Dr. Wilson I am now allergy-free. Fall and spring are truly my favorite seasons. Each day I am able to eat a raw apple with no adverse effects.”

KN – New Brighton September 12, 2016

Jay Bruesch

I had alternating high hopes, some temporary success, some frustration with the medical treatment; I saw two neurologists and they were in disagreement as to which coarse of treatment I needed. Due to severe Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms, I could not travel without crippling muscle spasms in my lower and upper extremities and thorax. Even the drive home from work at night and the drive to work in the morning was a dreaded ordeal due to the muscle spasms I knew I was going to experience. I was gaining weight in spite of vigorous physical exercise. After treating with Dr. Wilson the RLS no longer defines me as a person I still have symptoms but they are milder, less pervasive and less frequent than before. Muscle rigidity in the legs is much relaxed. I am more cheerful and optimistic and have lost 30 pounds, resulting in more vigor and energy and a better attitude overall. Maybe I’ll always have some RLS symptoms—but they no longer are the central focus of my life.

Jay Bruesch September 12, 2016

SP for her daughter JA

My daughter (age 11) suffered from severe stomachaches, to the point that she could not eat. She has suffered from reflux disease since she was three months old. All her doctors would do is give her Prevacid, a medication for reflux. I tried everything with no results. Ever since she was treated by Dr. Wilson (almost after the 5th or 6th visit) she has not had any stomach pain. She eats everything and has not complained even once. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Wilson as I had exhausted all other options with no results. Now this is no longer an issue for us.

SP for her daughter JA September 12, 2016

DF, on behalf of my son AF – Buffalo

Before finding Dr. Wilson it was heart-wrenching, frustrating, feeling like we had nowhere to go, no one willing to help us . . . I feel like my son has been suffering since birth, with severe eczema over his entire body as an infant, a persistent cough, chronic ear infections, with bouts of asthmas, pneumonia, and influenza. My son was miserable. I finally convinced his pediatrician to test him for allergies at 9 months old after numerous doctor visits and no improvement. From the blood test, we found out he was allergic to milk, wheat, soy, egg, peanut, cats and dogs. We were advised to eliminate these things, including our family pet. His skin condition finally improved with his new restricted diet. Regular visits to a chiropractor greatly reduced the occurrences of ear infections. However, we suddenly had the overwhelming task of managing EVERYTHING that went into his mouth to avoid a possibly life-threatening reaction, including having to trust his caregivers with his food allergies. We even had to limit visits to family and friends who had dogs or cats in their home because of his respiratory response to them. When he was retested at age 3, his allergy levels had increased, despite following doctor’s orders. Yes, it was an inconvenience to deal with his restricted diet, but we were able to manage it. Then, at around 3 years old, his behavior drastically changed—and it wasn’t just typical “toddler tantrums.” He was out of control, aggressive, and full of rage that could not be calmed. This we weren’t able to manage. He would have “episodes” several times a day and he was getting poor reports from preschool. He wasn’t socializing with his friends anymore. It was a daily struggle that broke my heart because I knew what a sweet boy he was, that something was causing this behavior. Then at 3 ½ years old, he broke out in full-body hives for 48 hours—something that had never happened before and we did not know what caused them. We were told to “just give him Benadryl every four hours.” It felt like nobody wanted to find out what was causing all of this. We were emotionally exhausted. Then, we found Dr. Jay. From the first phone call to set up a consultation, I knew and trusted that Dr. Wilson genuinely cared about my son and wanted to help. Now, my son is “himself” again. Within a few short weeks after beginning his allergy elimination treatments, the “episodes” went away and haven’t returned. I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER CRYING ONE DAY AS I REALIZED THAT I HAD MY LITTLE BOY BACK.  His teachers at preschool also noticed the difference in his attitude and behavior. I had no idea that allergies could affect behavior. During the initial allergy testing, we also discovered many more food and environmental allergies that we never knew he had—and concluded that a high allergy to corn was probably the culprit of the full-body hives. We also noticed that his appetite increased. He is experiencing and enjoying new foods. We feel a new sense of freedom, able to go out to eat on a whim, take a last-minute weekend trip—all without worrying about what to pack to eat, making sure we had Benadryl and epinephrine, etc. And most importantly, we don’t feel that sense that his health/life may be threatened if he eats something. The allergy elimination treatments have made a world of difference for us. All of this without medications or painful treatments.

DF, on behalf of my son AF – Buffalo September 12, 2016

Nate and Erica Messmer

Our 9-year-old son was being tested for ADHD and the doctor mentioned that sometimes allergies are a key factor in a child’s ability to focus. We knew our son had allergies; in fact, his environmental ones were so bad that he was on a nebulizer and inhaler most of the spring and fall. We asked our pediatrician to do an allergy test to see if that may be a cause – they would only do the test for suspected allergens. We brought him into Dr. Wilson’s office and had the initial screening – 48 allergies and many of them fairly severe. To be honest, we were skeptics that the treatments would work – it is hard to understand why they work – but we knew several others that had been significantly helped by the process. Today our son takes no allergy medication and his ability to focus has improved tremendously. He used to rock slightly back and forth when he sat and he no longer does this. Others have commented on how mature he has become over the last year but I think it’s largely due to the allergy treatments. We are so grateful to Dr. Wilson for giving him this gift and have recommended Dr. Wilson to several of our friends. “Dear Dr. Wilson, Thank you for treating my allergies. I feel less stuffy and pay attention more. See you in a couple of months.” From: Ethan Messmer,age 9

Nate and Erica Messmer September 12, 2016

Emily Paul

After 3 months of “living without”, a friend recommended we see Dr. Wilson as he had treated a friend of hers for some food allergies. Never would I have guessed the journey we would have started that day. My son was diagnosed with a peanut, pea, soy and egg allergies at his one year check up with his pediatrician. We were told the only way to live was to eliminate these foods from his diet and hope he grows out of it. His allergies were so severe we were given a prescription for four Epi-pens. In January we had our initial consultation with Dr. Wilson which revealed Jackson didn’t have 4 allergies, he had 27. I looked at my husband in awe. Neither one of us have had any sort of family history of allergies – that we knew of. It took us 9 weeks to get thru the treatments with Dr. Wilson. Through these weeks, we not only were able to “fix” my son of his allergies, we were educated on our life choices around food in general. Since we initially saw Dr. Wilson for Jackson’s allergies, my husband and I have completed the treatments as well. I’ve recommended Dr. Wilson to my co-workers, my family and many of my friends. All of which have completed the treatments as well. I’m a firm believer in his practice. For me I initially viewed it similar to my faith. You can’t always see exactly what is going on, but you can believe. Then one Saturday after Jackson was treated for eggs and cleared, we fed him some scrambled eggs. He was fine! And he enjoyed the whole bowl. There’s something about watching your child eat something that we were told would cause him to go into shock and now he is just fine that makes you know it works. The other confirmation for us was 9 months later at Jackson’s 2 year appointment with our pediatrician when they tested his blood again for the allergies. Gone or greatly reduced. Our pediatrician was amazed. His egg allergy was completely gone and all his others were so low she said “a normal person could live their whole life with this level of allergies and not know they were allergic”. Dr. Wilson doesn’t just fix the problem that you think you have when you walk in the door – he cares about you and your whole life. He is willing to help you get to the root cause and then walk with you on the journey to health.

Emily Paul September 12, 2016

Honja Kocemba

I have suffered with headaches since grade school. They have varied from low-grade to splitting headaches depending on the day. Doctors attempted to pinpoint the problem: adjusting blood sugars, prescribing me eye glasses, blaming seasonal allergies and sinus problems, but nothing resolved the headaches. I thought it was just a way of life. In college I found an allergy medication that diminished the problem. I quickly became dependent on medication, switching pills when the affects began to weaken, just to find another pill. I have blamed my sinuses for most of my life, rotating from seasonal allergies to household mold and dust. However, in recent years I began to find some more correlations between what I ate and how I felt. Also, I have suffered with a major allergic reaction to cats. Besides the typical runny nose and itchy eyes I also had an asthma related respiratory reaction which sent me to the emergency room. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Wilson and his allergy elimination treatments. Her son had great results and I respected her opinion. I remember filling out the questionnaire at my first appointment regarding my own health and I realized how skewed my “normal” had become. After reading the list of allergies I tested positive for there was no way to avoid the environmental allergens and I had such a wide variety of food allergies it would have been impossible for me to eliminate them from my diet and still actually eat food. Thankfully, my appointments didn’t stop at simply identifying the problem. Dr. Wilson gave me hope and started sharing with me the vision of a “new normal.” After only my first week I felt a major difference as my body was learning how to process food in a whole new/correct way. I have completed my treatments and I’m amazed. Headaches were my major symptom, but now I wake up with energy. I realized my shoulders were always achy and that has been relieved. The (literal) hollow feeling in my stomach has been filled. I’m a mom of two and the playground is actually fun for me. I have always had a joyous and fulfilled life, but now at age 30, I’m able to experience it at a whole new level. Thank you Dr. Wilson. My 4-year-old daughter is now being treated after her first complaint of a “hurting forehead.” I’m so thankful for his work in her life as well.

Honja Kocemba September 12, 2016

Brad Schmertman—Elk River

Before our treatment with you spring time meant going to the doctor for allergy medication. I thought that's just how life was. I knew to stay away from fruits, nuts, and especially cats. Fruit and nuts made my throat swell shut and cats gave me an instant asthma attack. After being treated these problems no longer exist. We have seen a tremendous change in our oldest son. He no longer takes his four prescriptions and has not been to the emergency room since we started our treatment. His attitude has made a 100% turnaround. He is no longer irritable and he can now be an active boy again. Spring is now my favorite season. Being outside watching my boys running, laughing, and enjoying life means everything to me. It’s amazing how you feel when you have no allergies. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I am very grateful.”

Brad Schmertman—Elk River September 12, 2016

Amber Quiring and family.

Dear Dr. Wilson, I am so thankful for you, and how God has used you to heal and strengthen my body. It has forever changed my life. For years I had been extremely ill with so many symptoms that no matter how many doctors I went to, or medicines they had me try… there were no answers. It had reached a point where I was couch/ bed-ridden the majority of the time. This was devastating as I was only 30 years old and had 3 small children. I couldn’t be the kind of mom or wife I desired to be. Almost every night I would go to bed with a bucket next to my pillow, as I was so nauseous and in so much pain. I would cry myself to sleep praying that God would spare my life in the night, as I thought I may not wake up in the morning. My body was literally shutting down, and I was pretty sure I would not be around to watch my children grow up. In the spring of 2011 I was at the Mayo clinic for 2 weeks undergoing countless tests. After leaving the Mayo, I received numerous prescriptions for medications they said I needed to take. They ranged from strong vitamins to heart meds, anti- seizure meds, inhalers, blood thinners, oral steroids, etc. I was diagnosed with a page full of serious health conditions such as: Addisons disease, endometriosis, cardiomyopathy- with beginning stages of heart failure, severe fibromyalgia, asthma, extensive allergies, early onset osteoarthritis, Chiari malformation type 1, significant hypotension, migraines, blood disorders, nerve disorder, and more that I cannot even remember. I left discouraged, as I felt there was no hope for healing of all of this and that the amount of medications and their side effects were sure to pose more problems as well. I decided to pray, and wait before starting any medications. I gradually started to see that I was being led to try natural methods of healing my body first, and being led back to you, Dr. Wilson. (I say ‘back’ because I had met you a few years prior when my son was born and you treated and helped him.) Since starting treatment with you, my life has completely changed! My body is healing and is so much stronger. I no longer am bed-ridden, I don’t even nap during the day! I no longer sleep with a puke bucket next to my pillow, or cry myself to sleep in worry that I won’t survive the night. I am able to play with my children, run around with them and even wrestle, as it no longer hurts to have them hug me. I have been able to cancel my second surgery for endometriosis, and no longer suffer from the daily intense pain caused from this. I am no longer on my daily steroid inhaler for asthma and have not needed my emergency inhaler. My diet has amazingly increased as food allergens have been eliminated, and I am no longer in constant fear of anaphylaxis while eating. My headaches have decreased, along with joint pain, muscle pain, numbness and tingling. My blood pressure has increased to a healthier level, and I am no longer blacking out. I apologize because I know there is so much more, but I cannot even put it all down on paper. I praise God and thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring for my family and me. Thank you for giving us a new and better future. With love and affection, Amber Quiring and family.

Amber Quiring and family. September 12, 2016

JN – Edina

I was miserable. My seasonal allergies were awful and I was very nervous because my wedding was coming up during a time when I normally felt horrible. I also was allergic to cats and my roommates had two cats which I was around on a daily basis. I was constantly blowing my nose and wiping my eyes. It was a horrible feeling. Now my allergies are gone. I am not sick at anytime during the year and my wedding was wonderful. I feel great. I am able to be around cats for any amount of time and feel wonderful. I no longer need to carry Kleenex or allergy medicine with me wherever I go. The difference I feel is amazing.

JN – Edina September 12, 2016

BH – Stillwater

Before care with Dr. Wilson, I was wheezing and could not breathe. The sinuses were plugged. Not much energy. Sleeping at night was interrupted about 4-5 times. I had constant coughing, drainage in my throat. Spirometer (breathing tester) was only going to 325. Now I’m hitting 400-420. I was taking meds and using inhalers that didn’t help and the medical doctor wanted me to double those! Now, after Dr. Wilson’s treatments I breathe better, no more wheezing, sinuses are clear, no drainage in the throat. I am sleeping at night. I have very little coughing and more energy. I quit the inhalers and meds.

BH – Stillwater September 12, 2016

DJ – Minneapolis

One morning, at the age of 16, I woke up to find that my eyes and mouth were swollen. One eye was so bad that it was actually swollen closed. This was the beginning of my battle with chronic hives (urticaria). I was prescribed prescription-strength Benadryl and was directed to take as needed. Of course Benadryl makes you drowsy and so I practically slept through the next four years of my life. Despite the doctors’ prediction that my hives would go away on their own, they didn’t. Over the next 15 years I continued to take prescription antihistamines on a daily basis to control my hives. Thankfully, prescription antihistamines had evolved so that I no longer got drowsy and slept through the day. I did, however, become an “antihistamine junkie” that became quite nervous if I found myself to be separated from my antihistamines at any time. I considered it necessary to have them with me because if I missed a dose, my hives would return with a vengeance. After 19 years of taking antihistamines to control my hives and countless allergy tests (that showed that I had no allergies in the traditional sense), I was all set to explore alternative solutions. Testing with Dr. Wilson revealed that I was reacting to a number of environmental substances plus three of my favorite food items (chocolate, coffee & caffeine – the three “C’s). After treatment with Dr. Wilson, I am able to live life normally without antihistamines. Somewhere I have a full prescription of antihistamines but I don’t know where they are right now. In fact, I don’t even care where they are.

DJ – Minneapolis September 12, 2016

SH – Minnetonka

Before Dr. Wilson’s care I was miserable. My sinuses were always plugged, I couldn’t smell and I was using Afrin heavily. I was so tired I would come home from work, eat dinner and shortly after go to bed, sleep all night and still feel tired the next day. Though I’m normally a very upbeat person I was starting to feel depressed most of the time over my constant feeling of illness and wondered if this was the way life would be for me now. I also had a lot of right side body pain. After only four months, my sinuses have improved greatly. I no longer need Afrin to help clear them. They have cleared about 50% and I have started to be able to smell things again. I never thought breathing through my nose would happen without sinus surgery but I can breathe through my nose almost all the time now. I have gained a lot of energy and am not going to bed right after dinner anymore. My mood has improved even more and feelings of depression have gone away. The right side body pain has also disappeared. I am so grateful I made the choice to be treated by Dr. Wilson!

SH – Minnetonka September 12, 2016

SF – St. Louis Park

Symptoms: Headaches on the right side of the head, starting around the eye extending all the way to the back of the neck, usually lasting 1 to 2 days, with sensitivity to light and an upset stomach also present. Previous attempted remedies: This condition was first diagnosed as a vision change due to the aging process that required reading glasses as a solution. That was done and there was no improvement. A number of years later an Otolaryngologist was contacted regarding the headaches and performed sinus surgery to correct a deviated septum and “clean out”, scrape all the infection out that was present in the sinus system. That was done and allergy shots were also prescribed after correctly diagnosing a mold allergy to be the culprit. Unfortunately all the shots did was to exacerbate the condition until it began happening with such frequency that it became unbearable. Biokinetic treatment with Dr. Wilson: After a year of shots with continuing headaches went by, an alternative medicine approach pursued as a last hope. Traditional medicine had done nothing to correct the situation at a cost of many thousands of dollars and lost work and family time. This new course of treatments began by correctly diagnosing food and environment related allergic conditions present that had not previously been known. After the very first treatment, which was for mold, a noticeable low level of constant anxiety and agitation in the body disappeared. With continued treatment, food and drink related allergic reactions disappeared and my quality of life quickly improved. The headaches became infrequent as the causes were narrowed down assisted by me as I actually brought samples in of things that appeared to have brought on recent headaches. Treatment is continuing and the prospect for complete elimination of these very debilitating symptoms seems within reach. No thanks to the medical community are due on this one.

SF – St. Louis Park September 12, 2016

D.B. Minneapolis

Before coming to see Dr. Wilson I was basically debilitated. I was allergic to so many things that a normal life wasn’t an option. I didn’t sleep more than a few hours a night. I constantly had dark red itchy eyes, dry mouth, skin rashes, a severely crippling fatigue, and daily headaches. I was on as many as 12 pills or supplements a day, couldn’t do anything stressful, and had to live a very vanilla life. It was terrible. I had been to 12-15 doctors and spent greater than $20,000. in doctor bills with no answers or clues to what was wrong. Now after treating with Dr. Wilson I feel much better—No headaches—No fatigue—limited red eyes and most of my allergies are gone. I feel like a new man.

D.B. Minneapolis September 12, 2016

Barb Emahiser

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had pains that nearly crippled me. I gave up on my love of sailing because my body hurt so much. Sleep was difficult. I gained 10 pounds in about 3 months. My will was updated because I was sure that I was dying soon. After working with Dr. Wilson and working to purge my body of crappy habits and foods, I am able to work and sail again. The pains that caused me to curl up and cry are gone and life is worth living again. Dr. Wilson is a wonderful man who loves what he does and truly cares for his patients. He has truly saved my life.

Barb Emahiser September 12, 2016

Tyler Strobel

Before seeing Dr. Wilson I was very allergic, reacting to pretty much everything, spring and fall were the worst (pollen, dust, etc.). I had bad headaches and body aches. I was depressed, had mental sluggishness, and was nervous and emotional; I could not fall asleep or stay asleep. After treatment with Dr. Wilson I am not reacting to everything in springtime. I am not depressed, I think clearer, am more relaxed and sleep better.

Tyler Strobel September 12, 2016

D.H. Edina/NYC

Before I saw Dr. Wilson I was allergic to, tree nuts, legumes and some airborne allergens and a severe peanut allergy. My asthma would be affected by environmental factors…city pollutants and natural pollens/mold. I haven’t changed my eating habits, i.e.: peanuts/tree nuts—that habit is too hard to change. I have noticed that since moving to NYC I haven’t had any breathing issues at all—none of the normal city allergens that bothered me before have given me any problems since treating with Dr. Wilson

D.H. Edina/NYC September 12, 2016

Laura Zimmerman

I was congested 24/7 for the last few years and was on multiple steroids to help clear it up, but it wasn’t making it better. It was hard to breathe and it made me exhausted. I gave up on my medications and decided to try Dr. Wilson’s approach. After the first 24 hours of my first seasonal allergy treatment my congestion was almost gone. My boyfriend was shocked when he couldn’t hear me when snoring—he actually got concerned that something happened to me when I was sleeping. I breathe easier and it gives me more energy now.

Laura Zimmerman September 12, 2016


Before my treatments with Doctor Wilson I was chronically congested to the point where I had headaches and felt miserable.  I often avoided cuddling with my puppy and certain activities that would undoubtedly make my allergies worse.  I was getting to the end of my rope, so tired of trying new medications and other "remedies" for my allergies and severe congestion.  In fact, after about six years of allergy shots and no significant day-to-day improvement, I was ready to try anything. Now, I don't need to take allergy relief med 24/7.  Most of the time I am just fine without it.  Eating a non-inflammatory diet not only helps my congestion but also make me feel healthier.  One of the best things about my improvement is that I feel like I have control again.  Plus, I can cuddle with my puppy without immediate reactions.  Thank goodness for Dr. Wilson !!

Miranda Recent college graduate February 4, 2017

Twins Roxy and Shelly have over 60 allergies. See how they resolved them using Dr. Wilson’s allergy elimination protocol.

Twins Roxy and Shelly have over 60 allergies. See how they resolved them using Dr. Wilson's allergy elimination protocol.

Roxy and Shelly November 23, 2019

Pam uses no pills or medicine and works with a Holistic allergist to work through her allergies. See what she has to say about Minnesota’s famous Dr. Wilson’s protocol.

Pam uses no pills or medicine and works with a Holistic allergist to work through her allergies. See what she has to say about Minnesota's famous Dr. Wilson's protocol.

Pam November 23, 2019

Could you be allergic to your car? See this patient’s story.

Could you be allergic to your car? See this patient's story.

Allergic November 23, 2019

Jen was very sick but no medical doctor could figure it out, until she started working with Dr. Wilson and saw improvement in 2 days. See her story.

Jen was very sick but no medical doctor could figure it out, until she started working with Dr. Wilson and saw improvement in 2 days. See her story.

Jen November 23, 2019

Taylor had several health issues including auto-immune type systems. See her story and how working with Holistic Allergist Dr. Wilson helped resolve her issues.

Taylor had several health issues including auto-immune type systems. See her story and how working with Holistic Allergist Dr. Wilson helped resolve her issues.

Taylor November 23, 2019

Dr. Wilson’s patients speak about him and his Allergy elimination protocol

Dr. Wilson's patients speak about him and his Allergy elimination protocol

November 23, 2019

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