A Practical approach to optimizing governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

What we Do

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Strategy & Framework

We have developed a GRC strategy and supporting framework that quickly enables organizations to achieve regulatory, risk, and business alignment across the enterprise in an integrated, intelligence driven, coherent and consistent approach.

Process Optimization

We believe any GRC project presents opportunities to evaluate related processes. These evaluations lead to discovery of opportunities to enhance and optimize processes. Through convergence and integration, we transform processes to be intelligence driven and further optimize them through intuitive workflows.

Technology Enablement

Specializing in risk management and compliance technology solutions, we have designed and implemented a range of integrated solutions to effectively manage GRC processes. We have built an assortment of advanced enterprise GRC assessment, exchange and workflow systems that increase efficiency, reduce risk, improve performance and enhance flexibility.

Training & Support

By providing expert internal and external process, risk, tool and compliance coaching to employees and third party associates, we help clients execute a sustainable risk management and compliance program. A variety of training courses are available to empower peak regulatory compliance and performance and custom training to support your project can also be provided.

" No issues loom larger today than operational risk in all its dimensions, the manner in which all risks interact, and the importance of managing those risks in an integrated fashion across the entire enterprise." - Thomas J. Curry, Comptroller of the Currency

who we are

A team of experts who have extensive experience designing and implementing GRC solutions that stand up to regulatory heightened standards and provide measurable business value.
We've been there, done that, and are ready to help.

When we say we've been there and done that, we mean it. We have been practitioners, employed by some of the world's largest institutions. We haven't just consulted at these institutions. We've lived through the rise of heightened expectations and have implemented innovative solutions as employees of our respective companies. With multiple "strong" ratings from regulators and as both featured speakers and participants in numerous industry events, we realized we had much to offer the rest of the world. So, we set out to do just that and we're quickly establishing ourselves as a great alternative to traditional or "Big 4" consultancies. We bring a tried and true perspective to today's complex business and regulatory environment. Get in touch today, give us a hint at some of the challenges you're facing, and let's talk about what we've seen and how we can help.

  • Operational Risk Management

    We can help with a number of initiatives, including: Frameworks; policies & procedures; taxonomies; operational loss event tracking, root cause analysis, and resolution; scenario analysis; product/service risk assessment; risk and control self assessment (RCSA); information security threat assessment; and more.

  • Compliance

    From law, regulation, or internal policy / authoritative guidance applicability to compliance process and program management, we can help. Need to train your employees on a particular law or regulation? We can help with that too.

  • Audit, Exam, and Issue Management

    We've successfully managed complex independent reviews as well as designed and implemented efficient issue tracking and remediation management processes and tools. We stand ready to assist as you face these important, yet regularly dreaded, activities.

  • Third Party Vendor Oversight and Management

    We have developed a framework that includes governance and oversight, the third party vendor lifecycle (planning, due diligence, risk assessment, contracting, ongoing and continuous monitoring / management, and exit / termination, as well as quality assurance and program administration. We're happy to help with all or any of your third party vendor oversight and management needs.

We use a results driven, deliverables focused methodology to help organizations achieve principled performance by leading, planning, performing, enabling, integrating and auditing governance, performance management, risk management, internal control, compliance or ethics activities.

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